Friday, July 02, 2010

[jules' pics] Pom Pom City

I will try to limit the damage of the Kamakura pom pom epidemic, by posting them all in one post. I know that already I am defeated, as some sneaked into the back of the last picture.

Starting with the many at Meigetsuin, and ending with just one.


hydrangea - ajisai, in Kamakura

Ajissaaaaai, are everywhere in Kamakura.

Being at something of a loss as to how to photograph horrible pom pom flowers, for this last photo I am grateful for the inspiration gained from "myu-myu" one of my contacts on flickr, who appears to be a little dog but, nevertheless, clearly knows what they are doing when it comes to taking pictures of flowers and stuff.

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Steve Bloom said...

The pom poms are indeed scandalous, but at least there aren't any sumo wrestlers peering out from between them.

Francis Turner said...

Umm why do you call them "pom poms"?

I quite like ajisai though I think that, as with sakura, you can have too much of a good thing sometimes.