Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Pet!

We have a new pet. He is called "Widget". See my stitchin' blog for details.

It is all part of a cunning plan of James'... part 2 of which I'll reveal in a later post.

In the meantime...

Pros of Widget:
1. James can use 3G from his ipod, and we can both access 3G from our laptops. We can both access 3G simultaneously as long as we are within 10m o each other. This is pretty cool - it seems fast even with us both connected.
2. My iphone hangs less; it is really annoying the way it hates having the 3G switched on and off. Now it can just stay on wifi instead.
3. My iphone battery lasts much longer; battery life with 3G is rubbish. I believe that Widget's battery will also last longer than the iphone with 3G on.
4. Will be significantly cheaper - once I am made to end my iphone 3G contract.
5. Lighter and smaller than an ipad!

Cons of Widget:
1. Another widget to carry.
2. Wont be able to make my once every 2-3 months telephone call.
3. Slower and tricker (more buttons to press) to start up than 3G on the iphone
4. Coverage my be a bit worse than that for the iphone (which is not good anyway, comared to normal Japanese mobile phones).
5. Live navigating with Google maps doesn't work properly. Presumably because it isn't using the 3G to help with the location, it is about 100 yards off and doesn't refresh properly. ...just going to have to start reading maps again! Shouldn't be a deal breaker, as I do know how to read a map, but I used to have a lot of fun using the iphone to navigate the backstreets of Tokyo and Yokohama, both on foot and from the back of the tandem.

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