Wednesday, December 30, 2009

[jules' pics] 12/29/2009 10:40:00 PM

Crab, Enoshima Aquarium, originally uploaded by julesberry2001.

Oishi sou?

Close encounters with gejigeji are an effective cure to the traditional British fear of teensy weensy spiders, but still there remains something unappealing about humungous spider crabs.

For my birthday, Pa gave me a flash gun, which enabled me to shoot this scary monster good and proper.

[Enoshima aquarium]

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James Annan said...

It's hard to tell the scale from that picture, but this really was huge - it must have had a leg-span of getting on for 2 metres, and they can grow to 4m. And this was the first place we saw little kiddies running up to the glass squeaking "oishisou".

Of course in the middle of Yokohama there is a crab restaurant with an even-larger-than-life moving model crab outside - something like this, with waving legs.

Hank Roberts said...

A good macro lens is another cure for nervousness around spiders; once you look into their eyes and see them looking back at you, anyhow. This itsybitsy is one of my longterm housemates, never more than a quickly moving leggy black spot on the wall, a quarter inch or so across, til I had my camera handy.

Carrying capacity in our house seems to be about one spider per room, except during mosquito season when we hope for more spiders.

David B. Benson said...

Oishi sou!

Lynne said...

I ate one of those things for my birthday.

Hard going, that. The meat was good, but getting AT it damn near defeated me.

And, truly, they are just as freaky up close as you'd think. And painful. To handle. ...I wish I'd taken pictures...