Monday, November 16, 2009

Successful writer/call girl/blogger a scientist

Oh, the shame, the shame.

All the luvvies in the meejah were swooning over the elegant prose, the urbane and erudite discussions of Iris Murdoch with punters.

Her purple prose had them speculating variously that the author was the novelist Sarah Champion, journalist Toby Young or writer Rowan Pelling. Others had suggested Lisa Hilton, Andrew Orlowski or Michael Faber.

But it turns out that this outwardly-normal girl-about-town had a secret double life. Behind the fa├žade of a sophisticated cultivated lady of the night, she was living a double life - as a bench-monkey.

I cringe at the embarrassing phone calls that are surely taking place following this revelation: "Hi Mum, you know you thought I was living as a high-class escort in London? Well, actually, I was moonlighting as a PhD student. Now I'm working as an obscure research scientist."


Steve Bloom said...

Now that you ask, we were indeed quite amused.

James Annan said...

Thank you thank you, I'm here all week, I recommend the veal :-)