Monday, October 12, 2009

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hmmm... more than one person now seems to be anthropomorphising the poor bison. I 'm worried now that some may be a little too obsessed... perhaps a psychometric test is in order.

Q: Whose face can you see in this evidence of America's wanton waste of natural hydrothermal power?

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Hank Roberts said...

I know, I know, that's Shiva, destroyer of worl ... oh, wait.

Sorry, wrong mushroom.

Steve Bloom said...

We could as well say that RP Sr. was being bovinomorphized. :

But actually had you paid more attention while in Boulder, you might have found the Peets *and* had a chance to pose with a well-known local. (The lack of an obstreperous expression indicates that it's one of those rare moments when he's not defending one of his papers.)

Hank Roberts said...

I once heard a wonderful story from a fellow who was a Yellowstone ranger-naturalist in the 1950s. He said there was one naturalist on the staff none of the rest of them got along with -- and so they pranked him. They got a steering wheel with shaft from a junkyard, and hid in the bushes where they'd be behind him, and visible to his tourist audience, when he gave his Old Faithful lecture.

And it's predictable enough. So about the time it was getting due, they (in full uniform, of course) came nonchalantly out of the background carrying the wheel-and shaft, well behind him but visible. Put the shaft upright so the wheel was about, oh, shoulder height. Looked at their watches quite obviously, for a while, til they heard the first little gurgle.

Then they started turning the wheel as fast as they could, made like it ran 'round til it hit the stop at the end -- stood back, at attention.

Reversed the procedure as the show was winding down, picked up the wheel and solemnly marched away.

The guy they were pranking never turned around. And he never found out why his audience was so skeptical about what he was telling them about how Old Faithful works.

If it ain't true, it ought to be.

Steve Bloom said...

The underlying supervolcano also keeps to a pretty tight schedule (and is now a threat again). I wonder if that gets mentioned in the presentation.

Hank Roberts said...

> again

Checking my watch ...

skanky said...

"If it ain't true, it ought to be."

Never been, so feasibility may be an issue, but a couple of boiler suits, an old metal hatch and a mains key should be all that's needed.