Thursday, September 10, 2009

Supersize me

McDonalds is doing an ad campaign featuring a dorky American who can't speak proper Japanese but comes to visit because of the wonderful Japanesified McDonalds food (as an aside, the thought of people actually coming here specifically due to the bastardised "western-style" crap that gets served in restaurants is pretty funny - mayonnaise and potato pizza, anyone? How about minestrone soup and salad for your "western-style" breakfast?) The usual suspects are up in arms about the stereotyping etc, but that's another story.

Anyway, he starts out as a reasonably normal-sized character (unthreateningly short, judging from the cardboard cutout we found in Akihabara recently):

After a few weeks of his favourite burger, the Tamago Double Mac (double mac with egg), he's settled in nicely:

Hope he's booked two seats for his return flight.


Steve Bloom said...

Why not stay and take up a career in sumo now that he's acquired the principal qualification?

James Annan said...

What, you mean being foreign?