Tuesday, May 05, 2009

More copulation

Not "climate porn" this time (that page still gets plenty of hits from disappointed googlers) but maybe it counts as finance porn?

Catching up on some podcasts, I see that "More or less" is back for another series. Those who didn't like Wired magazine's article on the "formula of doom" ["I think this is b*ll*cks" - Stoat] might prefer Tim Harford and Paul Wilmott (who both run interesting blogs) discussing the same issue in the latest program. Or maybe not, suit yourselves. I'm just the messenger. You should read their blogs anyway.

On a related topic I was relieved to see Paul mentioning the likelihood of inflation recently, this seems to barely raise a ripple these days and I was wondering if I'd got confused about the entirely predictable effects of printing money willy-nilly. But maybe the reason so few people are talking about it is that the sort of journalists who might be in a position to write about it are generally the same who are multiply mortgaged to the hilt and therefore stand to gain most from seeing their debts miraculously evaporate in a blizzard of monopoly money. Not so good for the stupid savers who have not massively overstretched themselves, but we don't count for much these days...

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