Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The EGU review part 1

Since I'm going to go through my notes to ward off jetlag and remind myself of things to check up on (and any unwise promises I might have made in the poster sessions), I might as well put some thoughts here too. (Oh, I should put link to another post which has a list of blogging contributions, in case no-one saw Hank's previous comment.)

First, some comments about Vienna. It's a delightful city to visit and we really enjoyed our trip. Having been before makes it less exciting than a new destination might be, but also more relaxing in terms of getting around and having some ideas of what to see and where to eat. Like the last time we went 2 years ago, Jules's Dad came too (he's a solar-terrestrial type, we have thoughts of turning him into a climate sceptic and getting him to write a book, but that's another story). According to Jamstec's silly rules, we are not allowed to take any holiday while on a business trip, but we can have a day for jetlag recovery and the conference officially started on Sunday (registration) so we flew on Friday and had two pretty full days of sightseeing, including Schonbrunn Palace (hint: arrive at opening time).

We had also managed to get tickets for the Vienna Symphoniker and found a free organ recital so the week was not all hard work and no play. But it was scheduled to be 6 full days (I'll explain later), often 8:30 - 7pm (still with dinner to find after) and sometimes later, and we did attend the first talk each day. Not bad on 7 hours of jetlag. Luckily there's a direct flight Tokyo-Vienna (and the airport is handy for the city, unlike here) which makes the travelling as painless as it could be.

Next: on to the conference itself...

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