Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring time?

This article about hot springs caught my eye and I was surprised to see no mention of Japan...until I re-read the title and realised it was just focussing on Europe. As it happens we've been to number one on their list - the Landmannalaugur end of the famous Landmannalaugur-Þórsmörk trek (spot the cut and paste) that we tacked on to a scientific meeting back in the summer of 2000. From what I remember, the "hot pool" consisted of a cold stream with scalding hot water trickling in to the top, and any attempt at stirring whipped up the sand off the river bed. Not the most luxurious experience, and certainly not a patch on the more spectacular Japanese onsens.


Steve Bloom said...

Big concentrations of good ones seem to be in places with lots of tectonic activity and plenty of rain (e.g. the U.S. Cascades and NZ in addition to Japan; the two U.S. calderas are also quite good, Yellowstone in particular). I assume Indonesia and the African rift zone must have plenty, but I suppose the climate could detract from the experience. There are also a bunch in the desert near Death Valley, but I think those benefit from groundwater from the nearby southern Sierras. Fortunately there's a big enough selection not far from SF that I feel no particular urge to travel to distant ones.

The one in the photo looks to have a similar feel to Tassajara in Big Sur.

EliRabett said...

Of course, Marienbad give a whole nother meaning to hot

James Annan said...

One of our favourites is famous for the radium in its us a warm glow for the trip home!