Wednesday, November 26, 2008


An odd story has taken top billing in the news here recently.

It started off with a couple of gruesome murders and another stabbing, considered to be related:

In separate but possibly related knife attacks, a former top health ministry bureaucrat and his wife were found stabbed to death in their Saitama home while the wife of another retired health ministry bureaucrat was seriously wounded in Tokyo, police said Tuesday.

All sorts of speculation ensued about terrorism or perhaps someone who is disgruntled over the pensions problems (the national pension scheme is in chaos partly because of the difficulty of reading kanji, and this is health ministry business). The police had no useful leads other than to suggest that the shoe sole of the suspect was an evil dangerous foreign Chinese invader. But most stuff here comes from China, especially if it's labelled as Japanese.

Then a few days later some guy handed himself in and claimed responsibility, saying his motivation is....

...his pet dog was put down 34 years ago, because it barked.

It wasn't even euthanased by the health ministry!

There are plenty of conspiracy theories based on a couple of embarassing flubs by the police: they announced the stabber was left-handed but this man is right handed, and the bloodied knife he presented also does not match the type they had expected. But with a confession and DNA match that is hardly going to matter.


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