Sunday, August 03, 2008

Damned with faint praise

Were I looking for a way to describe a new electric scooter, "to rival the Segway" is not a phrase that I would put on my marketing materials.


Hank Roberts said...


Shape is way, way too .... can't even type it. Suggestive, let's say.

skanky said...

On the subject of anyone using the Segway, I think the only time I've seen one being used was in a US airport, by security personnel. I guess you need to carry a gun, not to be laughed at.

EliRabett said...

Someone has a business in DC running tours with tourists on Segways. They come out at dusk.

pough said...

I saw an article titled "Toyota Announces Segway Killer" and my first thought was, "I thought Segway was the Segway killer..."

I've seen two Segways being used in and around Vancouver. Both times I pitied the person.