Sunday, January 27, 2008

How many policemen does it take to apprehend a lone suspect?

2,240 police, 460 patrol cars, and a helicopter

- that is, if the policemen are Japanese and their target is suspected of the heinous crime of assaulting a police officer. Japanprobe has a video of the aftermath.

Actually, on reading the fine details, they did not actually apprehend the man at all, he simply crashed his car into a bridge support. Meanwhile, a 15yo schoolgirl in Saitama did more for crime prevention with one well-aimed kick than a battalion of Osaka's finest could manage.

My tax yen at work...still, when they are doing this, they aren't harrassing people for cycling while gaijin.

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Brian said...

Well, that's not as important a news piece as the Sticky Man Wall Climber: