Saturday, June 16, 2007

IPCC enters the 21st century

According to the latest missive from Michael Manning, the IPCC TSUs have agreed that in future comments and responses will be available in pdf format (see here and here for previous). I'm not 100% sure from his wording if this strictly applies only to future reports (ie starting with the next assessment), or includes the AR4. But in any case, he's specifically stated that I'll get pdfs (for the chapters I asked about) personally in a few days at latest. Which, needless to say, I am very pleased to hear.

Update Tuesday 19th

On Monday, the comments dead tree form. Assuming a minor cock-up rather than obstruction, I sat on my hands, and overnight the pdfs appeared in my inbox (in fact I also got the comments on the same chapters of the 1st draft which I don't remember specifically asking for). I'd like to publicly thank the IPCC Secretariat for responding in a sensible way and in a reasonable time frame.

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