Saturday, February 03, 2007

Race hate magazine on sale

This racist hate magazine is on sale across Japan (in "Family Mart" stores, and various web outlets including It's been doing the rounds in the blogopshere and now The Grauniad has picked up on it too. Of course there are no hate speech laws against this sort of stuff - in fact Japan is the world's only developed country to have no laws at all against racial discrimination, even though it signed up to UN CERD more than a decade ago.

While one can debate the value of laws against such publications (I'm sure it would be covered under "incitement to racial hatred" in the UK) what bothers me as much is that there is a sufficient constituency here to make this sort of stuff profitable. In fact it is currently inside the top 2000 on amazon!

My local FamilyMart in Kamakura doesn't seem to stock it (but it's been spotted in nearby Yokohama).

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