Friday, November 24, 2006

Another JLPT test

Hmm..that's a redundant "test" there in the subject when I use my personal PIN number at the automatic ATM machine. Never mind.

As had been threatened, my Japanese teacher gave me another test as practice - the real 2005 exam. Since yesterday was a rainy holiday ("Labour Thanksgiving Day"), I stayed at home and did it. She seemed rather surprised that I passed by a clear margin (67%), but that's because she doesn't realise that I've been teaching myself the half of the syllabus that she hasn't had time for in our lessons :-)

Obviously, the exam was at the easier end of the tests I've tried - especially the kanji/vocab paper, and the grammar section of the last paper both of which I got "personal best" scores on. The real surprise was the reading conprehension which was far longer than I'd got used to - 24 questions in all, compared to a usual 18-20. So I really struggled for time on that and had to mostly just scan the texts quickly and choose the most plausible answer. The little homilies are invariably written from a very standard middle-class liberal perspective so the gist is generally something about bringing up or children well (whilst allowing them their freedom to develop) or looking after the environment...rather mind-numbing-stuff, to be honest.

Not much I can do now except hope the real thing (just over a week away) isn't much harder.


CapitalistImperialistPig said...

Good luck! Learning any language as an adult is a real challenge, and written Japanese has got to be near the pinacle of challenge. If the Japanese would be sensible and just write evrything in katakana or romanji!

CapitalistImperialistPig said...

I meant - If only the Japanese would be sensible and just write everything in katakana or romanj!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck