Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Japanese press coverage

We had a press conference last week about our paper. It was all in Japanese, expertly presented by Seita Emori (who did a great job firstly in writing a nice talk, and then in presenting it). Since none of the journalists who attended showed any any inclination to speak any English, and our Japanese is still regrettably poor, it was a rather relaxing experience, and we had little to do other than sit there. I was a bit disappointed that no-one wanted to take pictures of us all saying "chiizu", but you can't have it all :-)

Most of the subsequent questions actually related to the difference between sensitivity and a projection under a specific scenario, and there wasn't much asked about the work itself. But then the next day, three minor papers ran short articles on the story:

The names of these papers roughly translate as the "Nikkei Industry Newspaper" and "Nikkan Industry Newspaper" respectively, and I get the impression they have a strong leaning towards science and technology, rather unlike any UK newspaper I've ever heard of (perhaps closest to NewScientist, I'm not sure). They both more-or-less faithfully report the press release (at least an abbreviated version of it), and one of them even goes as far as mentioning Bayes Theorem! When's the last time you saw something like that mentioned in The Times?

And here's the Denki Shimbun ("Electricity Newspaper", click for a larger version):


Anonymous said...

As far as I know, the main readership of both Nikkei Sangyo Shinbun and Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun are executives and engineers of factories. Nikkei Sangyo has somewhat broader coverage of businesses. Nikkei Sangyo Shinbun is a minor product of the Nihon Keizai Shinbun (= Japan economy newspaper) also known as Nikkei Shinbun. Nikkan (= daily) Kogyo Shinbun is the major product of its publisher.

Anonymous said...

The english version of the press release has appeared (after some delay).