Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Ravage Of The Planet 2006

This is the title of a scientific conference later this year. I'll let the introductory blurb speak for itself:
The state of our planet continues to deteriorate at an alarming rate. We have arrived at a situation where we need to determine urgent solutions before we reach a point of irreversible deterioration.

Our current civilisation has fallen into a self-destructive process by which natural resources are consumed at an increasing rate. This process has now spread across the planet in search of further sources of energy and materials. The aggressiveness of this quest is such that the future of our planet is in the balance. The problem is compounded by the pernicious effect of the resulting pollution.
Further details on this website: The Ravage Of The Planet 2006. I'm especially impressed to note that the (predominantly European) organisers turned down the choice of numerous local ravaged sites like Milton Keynes or Runcorn that would have been inappropriately modern and unnatural, instead going for the hair-shirt option of the "unspoil ecosystem" of Patagonia as their conference venue. No doubt they'll all be paddling there in dugout canoes :-)

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