Sunday, January 08, 2006

More Japanese Gadgetry

'Smart cycles' that automatically adjust steering developed in Osaka

I have to wonder, what is wrong with a tricycle? They are easy for the elderly to get on and off, and those with balance problems can ride as slowly as they like any risk of without falling over.


LuboŇ° Motl said...

You probably read my blog anyway. But if you don't, there is a nice story how William Connolley got the task to compute a kindergarden climate model with the annual jumps +1 or -1 in the temperature, and his final result was wrong by 60%.

EliRabett said...

Nothing wrong with adult tricycles. They exist, you can google them, but you see them mostly in retirement communities. They are wider than normal cycles and not as compatable with traffic. You basically want separate bike paths wide enough for two to pass each other.

James Annan said...


I'm happy to see you focus your attention on mathematical trivialities rather than attempt anything of relevance to the real world. I'm sure your string theory experience gives you the edge in this department. Enjoy your kindergarten.

Getting back to the point, yes Eli, I know tricycles exist, which is why I suggested them as a sensible alternative for those who are too elderly and infirm to manage a bicycle safely. Your views of traffic incompatibility are somewhat exaggerated - a tricycle is only marginally wider than my body. Tricycle scooter/motorbikes are very common here as lightweight delivery vehicles (pizza, parcels etc). Japan's traffic is very heterogeneous!