Friday, December 02, 2005

Disappointing ruins

Just about everyone who has spent any time as a tourist in the UK will recognise this sign:

It's one of a set made by a couple of strange people, featured on this BBC News webpage.

Thanks to my brilliant sister for spotting this. Her Youth Hostel in the Duddon Estuary (on the edge of the English Lake District) is surrounded by dozens of interesting things to see and do, including some very exciting ruins and a nature reserve containing the elusive natterjack toad, which she recently was awarded a "Green Oscar" for looking after.


Anonymous said...

Hooray! At last I've managed to send James something interesting enough to make it onto his Blog. No 'Thanks to my brilliant big sister for spotting this' acknowledgment though.
Oh well, perhaps next time .....

James Annan said...

Like any good journalist, I protect the anonymity of my sources :-) Hope this new version is more to your liking!