Friday, June 03, 2005

David Bellamy sacked by CAT

David Bellamy has been asked to stand down as Patron of the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales.

Statement from Paul Allen, CAT Development Director:

“Over the past three decades, the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) has consistently worked to educate the public, on the need for urgent action to combat the consequences of human activity upon our planet. One of the most serious of these effects is climate change. Informed scientific opinion is now firmly of the view that climate change presents a real and serious problem.

“Some of Prof Bellamy’s recent published statements seem to be flying in the face of the considered opinion of the majority of the scientific community. Such statements are clearly inconsistent with the standpoint of CAT.

“Whilst the Centre is most appreciative of Bellamy’s support for CAT’s work, in view of his current position and recent public statements on climate change, we now have no option but to remove his name from our list of patrons as we no longer feel able for Bellamy’s name to be associated with the work of the Centre for Alternative Technology.”

Bellamy's latest brainfart was a letter in NewScientist which was neatly taken apart by George Monbiot.

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