Sunday, May 29, 2005

Climate research workshop

This is why I was wedged on a train on Friday morning - to visit our close partners CCSR for a project workshop on climate research (our usual commute is a cycle ride to our own lab, which is a much more pleasant journey). The main reason for attending is that due to the number of foreign visitors, it is all in English today :-) We arrived in good time for coffee and a tour of the impressive building.

There are various presentations about model developments and how they improve (or not) the model behaviour, also detection/attribution/forecasting of climate change. All fairly typical fare in the climate modelling world, and several bits were very interesting - particularly looking at the global cooling after the Pinatubo eruption and how this can be used to estimate sensitivity to GHG forcing, which I'm hoping to delve into in more detail shortly. The Hadley Centre/CGAM visitors also reported on their progress and plans - mostly computing details so far, with science to follow.

And then the ice-breaker party and an upgrade to first class (Green Car) for the trip home so we don't have to stand all the way.

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