Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mascot madness

Here in Japan, there isn't much that can't be enhanced by the addition of a cartoon character, preferably fluffy.

We found this "Hello Kitty Doomsday Clock" poster at the recent Asahi Blue Planet winners' lecture. It was being given out freely, and anyone who wants can apply for one here (but probably only for local residents).

It's worth clicking to look at the full size to read the text. Fortunately, it seems like the environment isn't very dangerous these days. This poster now has pride of place in our office.

But perhaps one step better, is the Fukushima Radiation Bird.

Kibitan (as he is known) is warning children not to play near: drains, gutters, puddles, trees, or grass, because of the naughty radiation that will poison you if you get too much of it in your body. So that, not very much of Fukushima for all the little children to play in. Not that there is any need to evacuate, or anything like that. Just don't touch the trees, grass, puddles, gutters, or drains, and don't forget to wash and gargle every time you come in from outdoors, and you'll be just fine. Probably. Now isn't that reassuring?


Alastair said...

For those who like me cannot zoom in enough in their web browser to read the small writing it says:

"What is the Environment Doomsday Clock?
The "Environment Doomsday Clock" show the degree of anxiety about saving the Earth. The closer it gets to 12:00 the more dangerous the environment becomes."

The clocks read:
1992 7:49
2002 9:05
2007 9:31
2011 9:01

Well, that's a relief then?

Mark B. said...

I have no doubt whatsoever that kids are more at risk getting in and out of the bathtub than from any of the warnings you cited. But God forbid we should be rational about radiation.

David B. Benson said...

What Mark B. wrote.

James Annan said...

Of course, I agree with both of you. But more than that, I'm baffled by the mindset that thinks that it's ok for children to live in an area where they are basically not supposed to play outdoors, so long as they are warned by a fluffy cartoon.

Shibui said...

There are various reasons why families can't move, even if they wanted too. A fluffy cartoon character can give support where necessary.

Hank Roberts said...

Who's his little friend?

Hank Roberts said...

PS, a better mascot is available:

Hank Roberts said...

dropped the first post -- I wanted to ask who his little friend is:

James Annan said...

(Had to rescue several of Hank's comments from the spam filter.)

Testing the amazing power of google image search rapidly found a version large enough for the name "aizujigen" to be seen - and here are some web pages related to it.

Means nothing to me, I'm afraid.

Hank Roberts said...

hat tip to Metafilter:

"According to a study done at the university of Hiroshima, watching pictures of cute animals makes you more productive. "