Wednesday, June 09, 2010

[jules' pics] Pre-rainy-season raid on Kita Ho

Day 1: Flat trudge

Walking up the Azusa river

Day 2: Steep and scary

Climbing up to Kita Hodaka

From the top: A panoramic view. See the hut perched near the summit.

Panorama from summit of Kita Hodaka

Day 3: Stupid o'clock

Morning light on Yarigatake from Kita Hodaka

Shortly after stupid o'clock

Mountain ranges in the morning

Then we re-traced our steps home. Easily the most frightening bit of the trip was the early morning of the last day, heading off the ridge down the vertical slope, before the sun had softened the snow. No photos of this. Too scared. As soon as we got a few hundred metres lower it got easier, and we even had some fun sliding down the last bit on our arses, using our ice axes as rudders.

Probably just look like normal mountain pictures to you... but I still can't believe we made it to the top (and back) in the snow, and that this famous Kita-Alps ridge was clear all day.

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