Monday, November 13, 2006

Testing times

Did the last one of my JLPT practice tests last weekend, and got 67%. It was the 4th of the easy set though, which leaves me none the wiser as to my chances. If the real test (3 weeks away) is as easy as that one was - which seems unlikely - I'll surely pass. If it's as hard as the one I did 3 weeks ago - which I suspect is more likely - I might well fail. I'd be surprised to not get something in the range of 55-65% but that doesn't help much given the 60% pass mark! I did manage to pass each individual section for the first time which was moderately pleasing. I've also still got another 100+ kanji to wade through which might be worth an extra point or two - although I'm probably forgetting old ones as fast as I'm learning new ones now :-)

The exam is (for me) being held in some out-of-the-way place I've never heard of called Fuchinobe. I'd been hoping/expecting it to be somewhere around Yokohama but it's nearer to Hachioji - a full hour by train and then a 30 minute walk (ok, in theory there is a bus, but they warn it might be too busy unless I'm early enough that I might as well walk anyway). Since I'm half-an-hour from the station at this end too it will be an early start for a Sunday morning.

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Kooiti Masuda said...

Fuchinobe is the station nearest to ISAS ( ). ISAS is about 20 minite work to the southwest of the station. (The map I found in their web page is plotted east side up.) Maybe you will have some chance to visit there for some conferences. (This week many space scientists are visiting our auditorium, and at least a poster presentation is from ISAS.)

Located just next to the ISAS campus is Sagamihara City Museum (open 09:30-17:00 except Monday, ) which has good presentations of Quaternary science and astronomy (in Japanese).