Saturday, January 31, 2015

Yet more blue skies!

Continuing the snowy theme....

It might appear a strangely familiar scene to my regular blog reader. Yes, jules and I are back in Japan, but it's only a visit this time, to our friend and colleagues in Tokyo University and NIES. Somehow we haven't found time to fit in a visit to JAMSTEC, but to be fair, it's the others who we actually collaborate with, and they are paying for the trip. Plenty of opportunity for blue skies research here in the winter!

With a weekend free (jules away on another engagement), I was keen to revisit some local hills, and also test out my new shoes (cheap midweight walking/running things). Some unusually heavy snowfall on Friday, in conjunction with my rather limited kit, almost put me off, but I shouldn't have been worried as 900m hills in Japan are pretty tame. Also, the snow being so fresh had not even had time to thaw and refreeze, so it was quite thick at the top but not very slippery. Ran up in a little over an hour, which gave me plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the day including a soak in the onsen at the bottom

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