Wednesday, August 21, 2013

[jules' pics] Nice marmot

Marmot pretends to be invisible.
Nice marmot
Husband calls out "marmots, marmots!". Marmot wonders if it might not be invisible after all.
Nice marmot
And hippity hops away
Nice marmot
Nice marmot
Nice marmot
Nice marmot
Now cleverly disguised as rock, invisible again. Phew! Safety marmot!
Nice marmot

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David Young said...

Looks like his tail is having a bad hair day. Or maybe all Marmots look that way.

Paul S said...

Did you name him Johnson? (sexistly assuming it's a him)

James Annan said...

IME it doesn't matter what you call them, they still don't come.

Hank Roberts said...

Years ago a friend of mine, working as a seasonal ranger-naturalist at Mt. Rainier, was sitting with half a dozen other park professionals when the ticket-seller phoned in to say a newly arrived visitor was asking for "help identifying a little brown ..."

Everyone in the room shouted at the same time: "Marmot"

then the ticket seller finished her sentence: "... bird?"