Tuesday, August 14, 2012

[jules' pics] More Fuji-san


I have been wondering why the good people of flickr so much prefer this photo to the two I posted last week. I wouldn't say it's exactly "gone viral", but I don't self-promote my pix much, so 1700 views, 31 favourites, 12 comments, 1 gallery, an appearance on flickr's "explore" and on something called "reddit" are unheard of. I like the minimalism of the other two pictures, the colours, and the way they go together well (which doesn't come across on a single-pic-view site like flickr), despite being taken from different places.

But the crucial thing may be that the the first two photos seem to me to be an improvement over the origial view. Meanwhile, the goal of the third photo was to capture the layers of hills and cloud leading to Fuji-san. I thought I'd nailed it at the time, but now I think the original view was more wonderful. So that makes me pleased with the former pics and slightly disappointed with this one. Nevertheless, I guess I'll have to print it out and see how it looks on the wall.

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andrewt said...

The blue tones in the second (lower) pic on your previous post makes it my favorite.

I added walking in the japanese alps to my mental TODO list even before the next post revealed you could stay in huts with cold beer!

James Annan said...

The mountains here are probably Japan's best kept secret, at least to foreigners. We've spent many a happy week (and long weekend) walking along high ridges and 3000m peaks. It's not even very expensive for campers.