Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sticking out nail

Just had the results from the annual health check farce. Again, I got a fairly dismal report. Well, actually, that's too pessimistic. I only had two poor results out of the battery of tests, but the overall score assigned seems to be the worst of any individual test, so the headline result doesn't look great.

My "problems"? Firstly, my pulse is low, in a typical (and entirely benign, so far at least) case of "athlete's heart" (though it might well be as much genetic as athletic in my case). And secondly, my waist is a few mm over the threshold for "Metabolic Syndrome", aka "being fat". As an average Japanese person, I'm quite the failure.


William M. Connolley said...


James Annan said...

If I was average height (for Japan) I'd be nearly obese! (actually, clearly obese by Japanese uniquely unique standards)

I suppose I should be grateful I didn't also get a bad mark for my excessive height (which they also measured).

andrewt said...

A little while ago I had a few days in hospital to get IV antibiotics after a minor injury.

Multiple nurses frowned at my heart rate and wanted to discuss it w/doctors until I explained the cause.

I wasn't that in great shape so my resting was only in the mid-50s - but I guess fit people are very under-represented in the sample of the population they see - and people where low heart rate is indicative of a problem are way over-represented.

James Annan said...

There are plenty of of stories of fit people who keep on setting off the heart alarm when in hospital. But this health check is universal so if the stats are to be believed, they must see an awful lot of similar cases.

Though to be fair it was just a warning note, it's not like they rushed around making a big fuss over it.

Anonymous said...

I've only once missed the "metabol" category, as they call the overweight mark since they introduced it in Japan. It's pretty silly, and takes no account of body type or fitness.

Did they X-Ray you too James?

I love the way that a country so paranoid about radiation X-rays it's population with gay abandon.

James Annan said...

We politely declined the X-ray, as we have done intermittently over the years (I don't actually object that much, it's just the principle of it). Sometimes there is a big fuss about it, but this year they didn't put up a fight.