Monday, June 20, 2011

[jules' pics] 15 years later...

park hyatt

Apparently (I heard it from the friend of a friend) after the earthquake in March, people found their satnavs were inaccurate. This seems to be borne out by a paper in Science last week, which I cannot now verify because it is behind a paywall and I am at home. Anyway, the paper may say that they used GPS measurements to ascertain that the earth near the epicentre of the Tohoku quake moved 20 metres(!) laterally. As we sat in the most expensive bar and then even more expensive restaurant on the 52nd floor, watching rainy season playing out as the light faded over Tokyo, I thought that 20 metres laterally must surely collapse the tower. But on this occasion no big earthquake hit and the wealthy diners survived the evening. Even the marriage survived, despite the risky playing of "15 things I hate about you" to go with the 15 year anniversary. Distracted by the excellent views and delicious food, we only came up with 3 things between us.

P.S. Note in lower right image, the reflected kitchen staff and waiter. Apparently this was the hotel in which the movie Lost In Translation was filmed. Given the price, is quite surprising that anyone ever stays there.

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EliRabett said...

Best wishes

crandles said...

Only 3 things ??? That must be cause for an argument over not being truthful ;p


Steve Bloom said...

It also sounds... unbalanced. Hmm.

But forget that ominous talk. A marriage that can survive continual irradiation can survive anything!

Seriously, here's to many more.