Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Will speak English for food

Japan's largest language school - I use the term loosely - folded recently, leaving many foreigners stranded here with no means of support. I can't be bothered blogging about that but it's quite an interesting story in its own right.

Anyway, some of the teachers have started offering lessons in exchange for food, presumably as a publicity stunt cos no sane person who was desperately short of cash would ask for a restaurant meal rather than the equivalent money.

"How demeaning that must be", I said to the person standing beside me, as I helped myself to the plate of canapes in the British Embassy, at last night's reception for a visiting dignitary. "What sort of person would go and talk English to random acquaintances for a couple of hours just for the sake of a free feed?"


Mark Hadfield said...

In my experience, scientists the world over have no shame when it comes to free food.

guthrie said...

I'm sure that in my case it is a hangover from my days as a penniless student.