Thursday, October 19, 2006

Why is Japan kept in dark?

I've blogged about this it before, but here's another article asking for Daylight Saving Time (or in fact just changing the clocks permanently by an hour, year-round) in Japan. It's still light enough for getting up at about 6am this time of year, but getting gloomy around 5pm or so, which seems pointlessly profligate when people are supposed to be thinking seriously about energy efficiency.


Thomas Palm said...

Why don't you just rise one hour earlier? Changing the clock because people refuse to live according to the sun is counterproductive. It's like redefining the kilogram to reduce weight.

James Annan said...

Well, you have a point - of sorts - but the rest of the world apparently finds it easier to adjust their clocks than choose to change their routines in this way. Things like "work = 9am-5pm" are probably quite hard-wired into society and if the clocks were changed then people would just meekly obey, as they do in every country where the clock do change :-)